1 Hidden hunger and need for rice biofortification with iron and zinc- An overview

  • Dr. Puspasree Puhan*

2 Formulation and Evaluation of Venlafaxine HCl Fast Dissolving Tablet By Using Natural Disintegrating Agent

  • Hemangi J PATEL* ,
  • Maulikkumar U Patel

3 Formulation and Evaluation of Transdermal Patch containing Anti-hypertensive drug Valsartan

  • Hemangi J PATEL* ,
  • Pooja R Maurya

4 Analytical method development and validation for simultaneous estimation of Voglibose and Mitiglinide calcium hydrate in pharmaceutical dosage form

  • Sandip P Dholakia* ,
  • Reepa M Patel ,
  • Jitendra S Patel ,
  • M M Patel

5 Study at Iran Herbal medicine

  • Hamid Kheyrodin*